Revolutionize Speed and Precision with Soing Photonics' Galvanometer Scanner Technology

In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape,precision and efficiency are the driving forces behind technologicaladvancements. At Soing Photonics,we understand the critical role that laser technology plays in variousindustries, and we're committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions to meetyour needs. One of our remarkable innovations, the Auto-Focus 3-Axis Galvo Scanner, powered by Soing Photonics, is revolutionizing laser applications withits remarkable capabilities. If you're looking for a galvanometer scanner that combines real-time autofocus capabilities with exceptional speed and accuracy, look no further. Soing Photonics has your need scovered.

What is a Galvanometer Scannerand Why Choose Soing Photonics?

Galvanometer scanner technology is at the heart of many laser systems, enabling precise control of laser beams for marking, engraving,and cutting applications. It's a crucial component in achieving accuracy and speed in laser processes.

Soing Photonics has a decade-long track record of excellence, and our commitment to innovation has led us to create agal vanometer scanner that sets new industry standards. Our Auto-Focus 3-Axis Galvo Scanner offers real-time autofocus capabilities, making it perfect for MOTF (Marking On-The-Fly) applications. With the ability to automatically detect object height and adjust the focal length within a lightning-fast 10 milliseconds, precision and accuracy are guaranteed.

The Soing Photonics Advantage

Our Auto-Focus 3-Axis Galvo Scanner boasts a range offeatures that make it stand out:

Real-time Autofocus: In MOTF scenarios, speed andprecision are paramount. Our scanner provides real-time autofocus, ensuring your laser system maintains peak performance.

High-Speed Autofocus: With a full-range adjustment timeof just 10 milliseconds, our scanner keeps pace with the demands of modernindustrial processes.

Versatile Auto-Focus Range: The Z-axis auto-focus rangeof up to ±50mm means you can adapt to various material heights withoutcompromising on quality.

Built-in Graphics Distortion Correction: Say goodbye to distortion issues. Our scanner comes equipped with automatic graphics distortion correction.

All-in-One Integration: The Auto-Focus 3-Axis Galvo Scanner incorporates a range sensor, f-theta lens, and beam expander,streamlining your laser system setup.

Standard Protocols and Software: It's easy to integrateour scanner into your existing setup, thanks to compatibility with standard XY2-100 protocols and 2D software.

Incorporating Soing Photonics' technology into your lasersystems means experiencing unparalleled precision, efficiency, and reliability.Our commitment to excellence, rigorous quality control, and continuous innovation make us the trusted partner of choice for companies worldwide.


In the dynamic world of lasertechnology, precision and efficiency are non-negotiable. Soing Photonics'Auto-Focus 3-Axis Galvo Scanner, with its real-time autofocus, high-speedcapabilities, and advanced features, empowers industries to elevate their laser processes to new heights. It's time to embrace the future of laser technology with Soing Photonics. Let us be your partner in unlocking precision and speedin your industrial applications. Experience the Soing Photonics advantage   today!

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