Unleash Precision: Introducing Soing Photonics' Galvo Scan Head

In the dynamic world of laser technology, precision isparamount. At Soing Photonics,we've harnessed innovation to bring you the future of laser scanning with ourcutting-edge Galvo Scan Head. Allow us to take you on a journey through what makes our Galvo Scan Head an unrivaled solution in the field.

What Is a Galvo Scan Head?

Before diving into the excellence of our product, let'sclarify what a Galvo Scan Head is. In essence, it's a pivotal component inlaser systems, enabling precise control and manipulation of laser beams. Theterm "Galvo" stems from galvanometer, the core mechanism responsiblefor directing the laser beam. This device plays a pivotal role in various laserapplications, including engraving, marking, and material processing.

Why Soing Photonics' Galvo Scan Head?

Now, you might wonder what sets Soing Photonics apart inthis realm. Our Galvo Scan Head is not just any scan head; it's an auto-focusmarvel designed for MOTF (Marking On-The-Fly) applications. Here's why it's thego-to choice:

Real-Time Autofocus: In the ever-demanding MOTFapplications, precision and speed are paramount. Our scan head boasts real-timeautofocus capabilities, ensuring your laser beam stays sharp, regardless of theobject's height.

Speed Redefined: Time is money, and our scan headunderstands that. With a remarkable full-range autofocus time of just 10milliseconds, it's one of the fastest in the industry, keeping your operationsefficient.

Ample Autofocus Range: Flexibility is key. The Z-axisautofocus range of up to ±50mm provides the versatility needed to adapt tovarious applications and materials.

Built-In Intelligence: Our scan head is equipped withautomatic graphics distortion correction, ensuring the laser output preciselymatches your input, eliminating distortions.

All-in-One Solution: We've integrated a range sensor,f-theta lens, and beam expander into our scan head, streamlining your setup andoptimizing performance.

Compatibility and Convenience: Our scan head adheres tothe standard XY2-100 protocols, making it compatible with common laser controlsystems and software.

How It Works

The magic of our Galvo Scan Head lies in its dynamicfocusing Z-axis, which incorporates a range sensor. When your laser systemencounters an object, the range sensor swiftly detects its height. In a mere 10milliseconds, the system adjusts the focal length, ensuring laser precision.This rapid, real-time autofocus guarantees the utmost accuracy, even inhigh-speed MOTF scenarios.


In the realm of laser technology, precision isn't just aluxury; it's a necessity. Soing Photonics' Galvo Scan Head redefines precision,offering real-time autofocus, exceptional speed, and unmatched accuracy.Whether you're in laser marking, engraving, or material processing, our scanhead empowers you to achieve superior results.

So, why settle for less when you can have the best?Experience the future of laser scanning with Soing Photonics. Elevate yourlaser applications to new heights of precision and efficiency. Choose SoingPhotonics – your trusted partner in laser technology.

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