Achieving precision and efficiency with S10A 10W RF excited CO2 laser

In the realm of industrial lasers, precision and reliability are paramount. At Soing Photonics, we have been setting industry standards since our inception in2010, and our S10A 10W RF Excited CO2Laser is a testament to our commitment to excellence. As a trusted partnerin laser technology, we are proud to introduce you to the extraordinary capabilities of our S10A series, where performance, quality, andcost-effectiveness converge seamlessly.

Unleashing the Power of RF Excited CO2 Laser Technology

The S10A 10W RF Excited CO2 Laser is more than just apowerful tool; it's a game-changer in the world of laser processing. Designedto meet the rigorous demands of industrial environments, this laser boasts acompact size and lightweight construction, making it an ideal solution forapplications such as laser marking, engraving, and small cutting systems.

Precision at Its Core

Our S10A series laser, available in both 10.6μm and 9.3μmwavelengths, offers precision beyond compare. With a beam waist diameter of 3.5mm and a beam divergence of just 4 mrad (full angle), it produces ahigh-quality, fundamental mode beam (TEM00). This level of precision ensuresthat your laser processes are executed with utmost accuracy and detail, even inthe most intricate tasks.

Reliability You Can Trust

When it comes to industrial operations, reliability isnon-negotiable. The S10A 10W RF Excited CO2 Laser is engineered for 24x7operation, delivering consistent performance day in and day out. With powerstability within ±10%, you can trust that your processes will run smoothly, andyour results will remain consistent over time.

Easy Integration, Low Maintenance

Our air-cooled design simplifies maintenance, reducingdowntime and ensuring that your laser system operates at peak efficiency. At 430×71×100 mm in size, our S10A series lasers are compact and lightweight,allowing for effortless integration into your existing setup.

Experience the Soing Photonics Advantage

At Soing Photonics, we don't just provide lasers; weoffer precision, reliability, and quality assurance. Our S10A 10W RF ExcitedCO2 Laser represents the culmination of our years of expertise and commitmentto excellence. When you choose Soing Photonics, you're choosing a partner thatunderstands the unique needs of your industry and delivers tailored solutionsthat empower your business to thrive.


The S10A 10W RF Excited CO2Laser offering unbeatableprecision, reliability, and ease of integration. If you're ready to unlock thefull potential of laser technology for your industrial applications, look nofurther. Partner with Soing Photonics and experience the future of laserprocessing today.

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