A Guide: Everything About Galvo Scan Heads For Laser Marking and Engraving

A Guide: Everything About Galvo Scan Heads For Laser Marking and Engraving

Galvanometer scanner systems, or as they are commonly known, galvo heads, are pivotal in laser marking and engraving due to their ability to rapidly and accurately steer laser beams over a material's surface. Its working process begins when a computer sends the desired design to the galvo head, which is then converted into analog signals directing the galvanometer motors. These motors, equipped with mirrors on their shafts, redirect the laser across the X and Y axes, resulting in precise marks or engravings on the material. The efficiency and quality of the marking or engraving significantly depend on the speed and precision of the galvo head.

Application of Galvo Scan Heads

In today's ever-evolving technological landscape, the swift and precision-driven capabilities of galvo heads are playing an increasingly influential role across various sectors. Here are some of its most common applications:

Product Identification and Branding

Companies are leveraging laser marking more than ever to make their unique brand identity. Galvo scan heads are commonly utilized in laser marking and engraving systems. They facilitate swift movement and exact laser beam positioning, creating intricate designs, serial numbers, barcodes, and other markings on materials such as metals, plastics, and ceramics.

Scale Marking

Scale marking is another important application of galvo scan heads. Galvo scan heads are used for accurately and precisely marking scales, graduations, and measurements on various surfaces. Precision tools and instruments, such as measurement rulers or intricate dials on advanced machinery, demand absolute marking accuracy. Galvo heads are extremely useful in such tasks that they are used in a wide range of applications in instrumentation, aerospace, automotive industry, optical equipment, and other areas.

Art and Craft Engraving

Galvo heads have found an excellent application in art and craft engraving. Their ability to render intricate designs on diverse materials like wood, glass, metals, and beyond has transformed traditional engraving methods. Also, in 3D printing applications, galvanometer scanning heads facilitate the creation of three-dimensional objects by facilitating precise layer-by-layer laser curing or sintering in 3D printing applications.

SOING’s 3-Axis Dynamic Focus Galvo Scan Head

The tools used significantly impact the final product's quality and efficiency during the laser marking and engraving process. One tool that has exceptional capabilities is the SOING 3-Axis Dynamic Focus Galvo Scan Head. Let's delve into the characteristics and advantages of the galvanometer scanner in this section:

2D and 3D Surface

The SOING 3-Axis Dynamic Focus Galvo Scan Head D12 is not limited to 2D surfaces. Its advanced design works seamlessly on 3D, planar, inclined, and curved surfaces. The versatility of this SOING’s galvo head ensures that the laser marking remains consistent and precise, irrespective of the material's shape or form.

Compact size and Precision

Characterized by its compact design and high accuracy, the D12 3-axis scan head provides wavelength options of 1064nm and 355nm. The Z-axis design allows for the smallest focal spot in a 150mm x 150mm/300mm x 300mm field, with a greater focus range than +/-100mm. It meets the standard XY2-100 protocol, weighs only 4kg, and measures 218mm x 90mm x 109mm.

Easy to Operate &

One of the standout features of the 3-Axis Dynamic Focus Galvo Scan Head D12 is its multi-touch panel design. This intuitive interface allows the user to easily select the size of the target area between the 3 operating planes and optimize the performance according to the specific requirements of the task at hand. This user-centered approach ensures smooth operation and an efficient user experience.


The SOING 3-Axis Dynamic Focus Galvo Scan Head champions innovation in laser marking, offering unparalleled versatility across 2D and 3D surfaces. Its Precision and compactness, combined with multiple intuitive touch panel designs, ensures efficiency and accuracy in every task. Despite its compact structure, this 3D laser galvo scanner boasts various advanced features, making it ideal for diverse applications.

Whether for unique product branding, scale markings, or artistic engravings, this is a reliable option to go. As the world of laser technology continues to evolve, galvanometer scanners play a crucial role, and so does the SOING galvo scan head, as it emerges as a must-explore avenue for those seeking the pinnacle of Precision and efficiency.

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