Defining Precision: Soing Photonics' Auto-Focus 3-Axis Galvo Scanner

In the realm of laser technology,precision and adaptability stand as paramount qualities. Soing Photonics introduces a game-changer galvanometer scanner with its Auto-Focus 3-Axis Galvo Scanner, offering unparalleled capabilities and redefining precision inlaser-based applications.

Dynamic Wavelength Compatibility

An impressively versatile device,the Auto-Focus 3-Axis Galvo Scanner from Soing Photonics is capable ofsupporting a wide range of wavelengths, including 10600nm, 1064nm, and 355nm.Because of its adaptability, it is possible to integrate it without anyproblems into a wide variety of laser systems, which satisfies a wide range ofindustrial requirements.

Exceptional Beam Aperture and Working Area

With a beam aperture measuring 10 millimeters, this galvo scanner guarantees that laser beams are directed withpinpoint accuracy. In addition, its broad working surface, which ranges from100x100mm to 200x200mm, offers sufficient space for marking or engraving activities that are both intricate and large-scale.

Impressive Marking Speed

With a phenomenal marking speed of up to 3000mm/s, the Auto-Focus 3-Axis Galvo Scanner provides excellent efficiency in its operation. This remarkable speed guarantees that laser processing will be carried out in a timely and accurate manner, which contributesto increased productivity in industrial applications.

Auto-Focus Precision Engineering

The capability of the Auto-Focus3-Axis Galvo Scanner manufactured by Soing Photonics to make dynamic adjustments to the focus is the distinctive characteristic of this device. Theuse of this invention guarantees an unrivaled level of precision in laser-based operations by ensuring that the focus is maintained and optimized across a widerange of surfaces and depths.


Because of the Auto-Focus 3-AxisGalvo Scanner, we, Soing Photonics, have demonstrated its dedication to thegrowth of technology and the precision manufacturing of its products. Our commitment to creating cutting-edge solutions that redefine the norms of precision, speed, and adaptability in laser applications is demonstrated bythis example, which stands as a tribute to our dedication. Experience thepinnacle of precision and innovation with the Auto-Focus 3-Axis Galvo Scannerfrom us. This scanner combines cutting-edge technology with seamless performance to produce results that are unmatched in a variety of industrial applications as a consequence of its exceptional capabilities.

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