Exploring Galvo Scanners: Precision in Laser Optics

Galvo scanners, often at the heart of laser systems, are instrumental in directing and manipulating laser beams with exceptional precision and speed. These devices play a pivotal role in various industries, enabling precise laser marking, engraving, cutting, and scanning applications. And we, Song Photonics,are one of the leading galvo scanners in the industry. Let’s see what you canget!

Understanding Galvo Scanners

There are two primary components that make up a galvo scanner, which is an abbreviation for galvanometer scanner. These components are a galvanometer, which is a device that measuressmall electrical currents, and mirrors. The galvanometer is responsible for controlling these mirrors, which can fast and precisely direct the laser beam,so permitting movements that are both complicated and speedy.

These scanners are exceptional intheir capacity to rapidly reposition the laser beam, which enables them to perform laser operations at a high speed and with a high degree of precision.Manufacturing, medical, automotive, and other industries rely on galvo scanners because of their efficiency and precision in laser-based applications. Galvo scanners are also used in other industries.

Introducing Soing Photonics:Innovators in Laser Technologies

Since its founding in 2010, we,Soing Photonics, have been among the most innovative companies in the field of laser technology. We specialize on RF-excited CO2 lasers. As a result of ourSoing Photonics's recognition of the market requirement for sophisticated laser control mechanisms, we have entered the motion control systems industry in the year 2012. We were responsible for the design and production of innovative galvanometer-based optical scan heads and axes.

A further expansion of Soing Photonics' capabilities occurred in 2014 when we established an opticalsection. This was made possible by the infusion of industry professionals. Avariety of optical solutions, including f-theta lenses, telecentric lenses, beamexpanders, and mirrors, are accessible to customers through this department,which caters to their optical requirements. Our galvo scanners are complementedby these components, which together offer entire laser system products and services.

Soing Photonics: Pioneering Laser Solutions

Innovative Method: Our Soing Photonics' dedication to innovation is the driving force behind our's development of superior galvo scanner-based optical systems and high-performance RF-excited CO2 lasers.

A Wide Range of Products: Soing Photonics' extensive product portfolio, which includes anything from motioncontrol systems to optical solutions, guarantees that we are able to meet there quirements of a wide variety of industries.

Expertise and Development: Soing Photonics' commitment to remaining at the forefront of laser technology isdemonstrated by our ongoing efforts to grow its personnel.


As a result of our extensive productofferings, which include motion control, optics, and galvo scanner-based systems, we are a dependable option for precision laser applications in avariety of different industries.

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