Revolutionizing Laser Processing: The Leading Galvo Scan Head Manufacturer

In the world of laser processing, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. That's why businessesrely on the innovation and expertise of a trusted galvo scan head manufacturer. Soing Photonics, a pioneer in the industry,introduces the ground breaking D12 Dynamic Focus Scanner. This advanced scanhead redefines precision and versatility in laser processing, revolutionizingthe way industries operate.

Unleashing Precision and Versatility: SOING D12 Dynamic Focus Scanner

The SOING D12 Dynamic Focus Scanner takes laser processing to a new level of precision and versatility. By integrating advanced galvo scan head technology with auser-friendly touch panel interface, this cutting-edge solution offers unparalleled control and customization. With the ability to select the targetfield size, businesses can optimize performance for a wide range ofapplications, ensuring exceptional outcomes.

Unmatched Performance in 3D Laser Processing

When it comes to laser processing, the SOING D12 Dynamic Focus Scanner exceeds expectations. With itswavelength options of 1064nm and 355nm, businesses have the flexibility to tackle various materials and tasks with ease. The unique Z-axis design ensuresa focal spot of the smallest size, enabling precise processing on 3D, planar,inclined, and curved surfaces. No matter the shape or intricacy of the workpiece, the D12 scan head delivers outstanding results.

Boosting Efficiency with Compact Design and User-friendly Interface

SOING Photonics understands the importance of efficiency in industrial operations. That's why the D12 scan head comes in a compact size, maximizing workspace utilization.The integration of standard XY2-100 protocols allows for seamless compatibility with existing systems, minimizing setup time and reducing downtime. The touchpanel design simplifies the selection of the target field size, streamlining the process and empowering operators to achieve optimal performance effortlessly.


As the premier galvoscan head manufacturer, Soing Photonics continues to redefine laser processing with its D12 Dynamic Focus Scanner. With exceptional precision, versatility,and user-friendliness, this innovative solution enables businesses to unlock theirfull potential. Embracing the future of laser processing has never been more accessible with the SOING D12 scan head.

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