Advancing Laser Precision with 3-Axis Dynamic Focus  Scanner D20 Solution

As our team at Soing Photonics continues to innovatein the realm of laser technology, We're eager to introduce you to theremarkable capabilities of our latest offering: the 3-Axis Dynamic FocusScanner D20. This advanced galvo scannerrepresents a significant leap forward in precision engineering, tailored tomeet the diverse and exacting needs of industrial laser applications.

Exploringthe Versatility of 3-Axis Dynamic Focus Scanner D20

At Soing Photonics, we take greatpride in presenting the incredible versatility and adaptability of the 3-AxisDynamic Focus Scanner D20. This innovative scanner stands out with its abilityto accommodate various wavelength options, including CO2, fiber, and UV,catering to a wide range of industrial requirements for laser precision. Itsextensive focus range in the Z-direction, exceeding 200mm within a 300mm x300mm field, enables a level of precision that is unparalleled in the industry.

EmpoweringDiverse Laser Marking and Engraving Applications

Withthe D20 3-Axis galvo scanner, our team aims to empower businesses to achievehigh-precision laser marking and engraving on 3D, planar, inclined, and curvedsurfaces with effortless adaptability. Equipped with the capability to handle2D software for plane marking, the galvo scanner transcends conventionallimitations, enabling seamless integration into a wide array of industrialoperations.

ElevatingPrecision with Cutting-Edge Features

Thecompact size of the D20 galvo scanner ensures an ergonomic and efficientsolution for industrial setups, offering the benefits of space-saving designwithout compromising on performance. Leveraging standard XY2-100 protocols, ourgalvo scanner integrates seamlessly with existing systems, ensuring a smoothtransition to enhanced precision and efficiency. The advanced D20 scanner'scapability to cater to varied surfaces and materials ensures that your lasermarking and engraving processes reach new levels of accuracy and adaptability.


TheSoing D20 3-Axis galvo scanner stands as a testament to our commitment todriving technological advancements in laser precision. With its unparalleledversatility, adaptability, and precision-engineered design, the 3-AxisDynamic Focus Scanner D20 positions itself as a key asset forbusinesses seeking to elevate their laser marking and engraving capabilities.

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