Laser Marking & Coding on-the-fly

For continuous production lines, marking 'on the fly' offers great solution flexibility by enabling marking/engraving of the product while it is moving

laser marking on the fly solves the time-loss problem by applying marks while the product continues to move along the line.

High-speed, high-quality laser marking, fully automated and integrated with the production line, offers an advanced and well-proven alternative but still normally requires a moment’s delay for each mark. Those ‘moments’ soon add up to significant losses in productivity for high-volume or high-speed operations.

A high speed scan system allow efficient, individualized labeling of components using dynamic data such as serial numbers, QR codes, dates, tracking numbers or data matrix codes generated via an automated production process.

The SPS series galvo scanner is special designed by SOING to meet the high speed marking and coding. The writing speed could be up to 1200cps.

  • Another key choice when specifying a system for marking on the fly is the laser power.

  • With very high line speeds, one of the more powerful lasers may be needed to make marks deep and clear enough in the time available.

  • An alternative approach applicable in many cases is simply to extend the marking window.


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