Laser Die Cutting & Kiss Cutting

Laser die cutting is the process of using a laser-cutting system to cut and force material into custom shapes and sizes.

There are several unique advantages to using laser die cutting over other forms of die cutting, and as such, it’s quickly replacing other, more traditional die-cutting processes. Laser die cutting is energy efficient, and helps to reduce wear as well as the frequency of maintenance required. Laser die cutting also helps to eliminate the storage, lead times, and costs of traditional dies.

Another benefit of laser die cutting is that design changes can be made very quickly, and there are unlimited cutting paths available. One of the main advantages is that laser die cutting provides for better accuracy and tighter tolerances, allowing for more complex geometries to be created.

Laser kiss-cut processing is similar like laser die cutting. it is used to cut the top layer of material without cutting through an attached material. It requires a laminated material, whether it’s plastic, cork, felt, silicon or adhesive-backed paper. Depending on the material and the process employed, kiss cutting can offer high tolerances, excellent accuracy and fast turnaround times, even for large projects. Sticker labels are a good example of laser kiss cutting in action. In this process, the outline of the label can be cut without cutting the release or backing material.

Typically, CO2 lasers are used for laser die cutting and kiss-cutting applications.   


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