Laser Drilling

Laser drilling is a drilling process that uses laser light to cut into holes into material. All other drilling processes use a physical drill cut, which typically rotates to scoop out material from the workpiece. Laser drilling, however, leverages the thermal energy of laser light to cut holes into workpieces.

When a workpiece is exposed to laser light, the material from which it’s made will melt. At the same time, the melted material will vaporize into the surrounding environment. This means laser drilling doesn’t produce swarf like with other drilling processes.

Laser drilling doesn’t use a continuous beam of laser light to cut holes into workpieces. Rather, most laser drilling is performed using pulses of laser light. Each pulse burns and vaporizes material off the workpiece until the desired results are achieved. Regardless of what material or materials a workpiece is made of, laser drilling can easily create holes in it with extreme precision.


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